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Inspiring Women of Color through Fashion

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All our pieces are made with the love and care We extend to our customers. From quality materials to innovative designs. We make sure every item of clothing is representative of our company's core Values.


Each piece on our store is extensively researched and curated to offer our customers updated optimal styles. No matter what your taste or style is We will have an outfit for you.


Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you make the best purchasing decision. After your order is placed We stay in contact until the package is delivered and you are satisfied.


We would like to support the women who support us. Our Beauté Noir Promise is to uplift and support Blackwomen by making a 10$ donation for every order we receive to charities that assist and empower Blackwomen. Each donation will be made in the name of the customer and you will be receiving a receipt from the charity verifying your donation. We believe transparency and accountability is a huge part of running a socially conscious company. 

For more information on the Black women's Health imperative visit